Unique, great tasting, dairy free alternatives  

+ Made from freshly pressed coconut milk.
+ Naturally free of lactose, cow’s milk protein, soya and gluten.

+ Nut free & packed in a nut-free environment. Coconuts are a fruit, not a nut.
+ Ideal for anyone with lactose, cow’s milk protein, soya or gluten intolerance.
+ Suitable for vegans, vegetarians, and coeliacs.
+ Cholesterol free and with calcium and fat levels matched to semi-skimmed milk. A naturally healthy 
   option for all to enjoy.
+ Fresh tasting and versatile to use as drinks and in cooking.

+ GMO Free

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Latest News

  • New - Koko Dairy Free Yogurts

    New - Koko Dairy Free Yogurts

    Launched on 1st February in Morrisons, Koko yogurts are dairy free, soya free and allergen free and are made with freshly pressed coconut cream for a silky smooth creamy texture, and fermented continued...

    26 October 2016

  • New Product

    New Product

    Koko Dairy Free Light has 30% less fat than our Original milk alternative, and it also contains just 24 Calories per 100ml – that’s 30% fewer than skimmed cow’s milk. It continued...

    29 December 2015

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